San Francisco State Office Building
LSA provided design phase estimating services for the new 455 Golden Gate Avenue State Office Building and the historic 350 McAllister building. Project consisted of 794,000 gsf of new building and 202,000 gsf of historic renovation.
Project Cost: $164,000,000
Client: ICF Kaiser/State Of California

Civic structures are more than just buildings. Done correctly, they embody the character of a community, capture the sense of civic pride, and help that community to function effectively. LSA is proud to have been a part of over 1,500 city, county and state facilities, including civic centers, city halls, courts budilings, libraries, museums, fire and police stations, city, county and state office buildings, and numerous other civic buildings.

Significant public projects include the CalPers Headquarters (550,000 sf), the San Francisco State Office Building (794,000 sf) , and the current San Ramon City Center, a truly visionary program encompassing city offices, a children’s museum, performing arts complex, library, parking and retail. From small municipal offices to large state complexes, our assistance on cost and budget ensures that public funding for construction is spent wisely.
Recent Civic Experience
Dept. of Health Services Office Building
New 200,000 GSF, 3-4 story office building, including new parking for 600 vehicles, new landscaping, new on-site/off-site untilites, demo of existing site features and site excavation
Location: Richmond, CA
Cost Estimate: $31,000,000
Client: Studios (Arch.) RESD-PMB (Owner)

New Calpers Headquarters
Currently providing cost estimating and value engineering services during the design phase for this new 550,000 sf, 5 story headquarters building with 650,000 sf parking garage. Saylor’s involvement will continue into the construction phase providing change order estimating and negotiation.
Location: Sacramento, CA
Cost Estimate: $123,000,000
Client: Turner Construction (CM)/Calpers (Owner)

Santa Monica Civic Center
Master plan of additions to 744,000 sf civic center, including new civic center, cnet, child care and parking.
Location: Santa Monica, California
Project Cost: $57,000,000
Client: Roma Architecture & Planning

San Ramon City Center
New city center consisting of 55,000 sf of offices, 14,500 sf council chambers, 49,000 sf library, 60,000 performing arts center, 19,000 children’s art museum, 250,000 sf of parking, 151,000 sf plaza with extensive landscaping and water features. Project currently entering design.
Project Cost: $100 MM
Location: San Ramon, California
Client: Fisher Friedman Architects/City of San Ramon

Woodland Public Safety Building
Provided cost modeling services for three options for the 32,000 SF new Woodland Public Safety Building. Cost model was the first step to "designing to budget", a process wherein the budget dictates the design, not vice versa. Cost model was $179/per square foot.
Project Cost: $5,848,440
Location: Woodland, California
Client: EKONA Architecture & Planning/City of Woodland

Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse
Provided design phase estimating services for this 619,999 gsf office and courthouse facility involving 12 stories, 2 levels of parking, 20 courts, 204,000 sf of office space, holding cells.
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Cost Estimate: $116,000,000
Client: Gruen Associates/General Services (Federal)
City Halls
Alameda City Hall Structural Rehab • Alameda, CA
Antioch City Hall • Antioch, CA
Arvin Lamont Administration Building • Bakersfield, CA
Beverly Hills City Hall • Beverly Hills, CA
Brea City Hall Water Storage Facility • Brea, CA
Camarillo City Hall • Camarillo, CA
Daly City City Hall • Daly City, CA
East Los Angeles Municipal Courthouse • Los Angeles, CA
Escondido City Hall • Escondido, CA
Foothill Communities Law & Justice • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Fremont City Hall • Fremont, CA
Lancaster City Hall • Lancaster, CA
Martinez City Hall Remodel • Martinez, CA
Mill Valley City Hall • Mill Valley, CA
Milpitas City Hall • Milpitas, CA
Mountain View City Hall • Mountain View, CA
Oakland City Hall Repairs • Oakland, CA
Oakland City Hall West • Oakland, CA
Old County Courthouse • Santa Clara, CA
Pasadena City Hall • Pasadena, CA
Pleasant Hill City Hall & Police Station • Pleasant Hill, CA
San Anselmo City Hall • San Anselmo, CA
San Mateo Museum Complex • San Mateo, CA
Walnut Creek City Hall • Walnut Creek, CA

Civic Centers

Beverly Hills Civic Center • Beverly Hills, CA
Brea Civic & Cultural Thermal Building • Brea, CA
Civic Center • South Pasadena, CA
Civic Center Parking Structure • Sacramento, CA
Concord Pavilion • Concord, CA
Cupertino Civic Center • Cupertino, CA
Emeryville Civic Center • Emeryville, CA
Escondido Community/Civic Center • Escondido, CA
Fresno Civic Center Plan • Fresno, CA
Glendale Civic Auditorium • Glendale, CA
Irvine Civic Plaza • Irvine, CA
Lakewood Civic Center • Lakewood, CA
Livermore Civic Center • Livermore, CA
Milpitas Civic Center • Milpitas, CA
Mountain View Civic Center • Mountain View, CA
Music Center & Civic Mall Connection • Los Angeles, CA
Music Center Civic Mall Connection • Los Angeles, CA
North County Civic Center • Fullerton, CA
Oceanside Civic Center • Oceanside, CA
Palmdale Civic Center • Los Angeles, CA
Palo Alto Civic Center • Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto Civic Center Improvements • Palo Alto, CA
San Diego Civic Center • San Diego, CA
San Francisco Civic Center Elevator • San Francisco, CA
San Jacinto Civic Center • San Jacinto, CA
San Mateo Museum Complex • San Mateo, CA
Santa Clara Civic Center • Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara Civic Center Parking • San Jose, CA
Thousand Oaks Civic Center Expansion • Thousand Oaks, CA
Walnut Creek Civic Phase I & II • Walnut Creek, CA
West Hollywood Civic Center • West Hollywood, CA